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"'Cause all of me loves all of you"

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"Forgive me for being powerless, for only being able to do things with a limit, when you do so much for me." - Kris
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♡ Thank you for loving me and caring for me and being there for me always always when i dont do much for you. I love you i love you ♡ you know who you are!! ♡

♡ Thank you for loving me and caring for me and being there for me always always when i dont do much for you. I love you i love you ♡ you know who you are!! ♡

yuboseyo replied to your post: yuboseyo replied to your post: did you…

i didn’t even know they all still lived together. but i mean either way, it’s not unusual for friends or groupmates to butt heads every once in a while but sm doesn’t seem like they give great opportunities to counsel them ever

im not sure if all 9 live together but i know that they do still…its a pretty nice place too like exo’s.

but im saying though….that’s why this confuses me. its almost like the company was like well yeah we said ya could do it but the girls want you to choose soooooo ..

like what is this situation ?! o_o

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i think the difference with jessica is that she told them the girls were giving her a hard time and they ignored her? like????? you’re going to let them heckle her like that when you gave her the okay????

that’s definitely a difference….

like there’s so many differences definitely with these two cases but there’s a few similarities that stand out to me, too.

maybe it’s just me. I really like jessica, and so i was really sad when i heard the news.

Kris was pretty popular within exo and jessica was popular within snsd…sm is really pushing it…when kris left stock went down but this time didn’t it go down more? 

From what i know , pretty sure taeyeon and jessica havent been on…good terms for quite awhile. Which i mean, could be a given, cause you got 9 women living in one area lol. but it seems to me as if like….idk…

its more like the members kinda pushed her out and the company allowed it….but then t hey are sad she’s leaving or? like it confuses me! LOL this whole thing! 

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did you notice that in both kris’ situation and jessica’s situation it was stated that their interests in certain things have been known by the company but kinda disregarded? Or is that just me? Did any other case within sment have something similar? or just these two.

They are two totally different situations but that just stands out to me …. like something about it….

when is the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of roommate sobs i need it ;o;

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my wallet needs to be as thick as my thighs

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im going to finish my drama uhm uhm thank y ou guys for sending me such lovely messages i really appreciate it. I’m not able to look at all of yifan’s new airport pics ive only seen two! … mind submitting some to me ? hehehe ♥

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i’m glad kris willingly left i mean it was painful for him and his fans but it’s not as painful as knowing how jessica must be feeling right now being forced out…

true both situations are upsetting. It’s not about which is worse or which is more sad.

The fact that one felt he had no choice but to  leave and one who one day just woke up and was told she was fired, both are saddening ://

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