If your gf wants to eat pasta but you want to eat yakiniku what would you do ?

Jimin: pasta
V: pasta
Rapmon: pasta
Jin: pasta
Jungkook: pasta
J-hope: pasta
Suga: yakiniku




When gongzhuwu pulled the rug under Suho and caused an uproar


yixing after pepero cf is released: dont misunderstand we’re all manly men :)))))

what did the secretnoona say about kyungsoo??

As always though, take things like this with a grain a salt. There’s a chance it could be true but it could also not be. I just personally feel as if it has some truth to it - as a personal opinion

"His relationship to the other members is more professional, not friends. He is friendly to staff and such, but he is a private person. Truthfully, he does not get along with everyone. The furthest distance is Chanyeol/Baekhyun, I have seen him be annoyed by them quickly many times. He thought he would be chosen for EXO-M and was surprised when Chen was chosen instead. When he thought that he would be chosen for EXO-M his attitude was good and he was prepared to have a life overseas. His dating life is very private, he keeps it to himself and does not let everyone know what is going on. He has a private circle of neighborhood friends and he still puts them above everything."

Most girls on tumblr are photoshopped and look like they have nothing wrong with their skin. Also don't pay attention to people out on the streets. I can assure you, no one is looking at your stretch marks, they are looking at your cute face and amazing hair color. If they are fuck them, because they don't matter in your life and shouldn't discourage you from wearing what you wanna wear. If you catch them staring just stare right back with an eyebrow raised. They'll look away pretty fast ~anony

sobs thank you - again - anony…truthfully..

maybe one of these days i’ll outside in my dress or skirt that i have but never wear outside…doesnt hurt to try…and just idk i just get really scared cause then i feel like everyone is just staring at my legs and seeing how weird they look and i get all anxious D:

Bouquet of Garbage


Pairing: Krisoo

AU: Cyborg

Warnings: None

Characters: Kyungsoo, Kris

Summary: Humans give other humans flowers. Cyborgs give their humans junk.

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I can’t say how I know, but he is racist AND homophobic as well. He really thinks homophobic jokes are funny. As for dating, he did date a trainee everyone knows about, but he cheated on her before.

In SM there are black skin foreigners like African-American…

Nobody wanted to believe the secret noona chronicles. she was telling us and nobody wanted to know

^ truthfully though. A lot of things secretnoona said, in my opinion, seemed like they could be really valid.

I saw your post about your body and having stretch marks and I just wanna say stretch marks are completely normal, not only in girls but boys also. My brother in fact has some on his hips, so you really don't need to be ashamed of them. Nor do you need to be ashamed of your body, you have a beautiful body and someone someday will love you as you are, I promise xx. ~anony friend

thank you anony. 

some days im entirely alright with them but then sometimes i see girls on here with such smooth pretty skin on their legs and especially their butt (if its showing that is) and i get so jealous because i want that too :(

but youre right someone who loves me wont be worried about it.

its more of being able to walk outside in shorts without the stares :/


It’s always so cute to see people say that my bias is their husband. Like you guys are so cute in your imaginary worlds and stuff but we all know who he really belongs to and comes home to at night.